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"The very fact that you have an ideal condition or world in your mind
carries with it the possibility of its fulfillment in expression."


New Member
Ready to become a member at Unity of Fort Lauderdale?  

Membership is an honor, blessing, and sacred responsibility.  Take this opportunity to make your inner commitment to the evolution of your spiritual and emotional maturity, connect in a loving commUnity, make new friendships, and begin the next step on your spiritual / soul journey.

According to our by-laws, it is important to remember, as an Active Member at Unity of Fort Lauderdale,  we have the following important responsibilities:

1.  Endeavor to live in accord with the Jesus Christ Principles of Love &  Truth.
2.  The financial support of Unity of Fort Lauderdale (automatic tithing can be set up on our website).
3.  To further the work of the ministry through active interest.
4.  Service on ministry teams if selected.
5.  Exercising a good faith effort to participate in activities and programs of the ministry.

We ask you say YES to:
  • Regularly attending services
  • Your financial support (regular automatic tithing)
  • Your spiritual growth – regularly attending classes
  • Volunteering / Serving on a Team / Ministry
  • Completing a New Member Application Form 
  • Attending a Membership Orientation (offered yearly)

If you are interested in becoming a member, please  e-mail the office at info@unityfortlauderdale.org for questions regarding membership.
Membership Renewal
Membership renewal forms will be sent in the mail, annually to be completed, signed, and sent back to the office.  According to our by-laws, your membership must be renewed yearly before our annual membership meeting.  If you do not complete and submit your membership renewal form before our annual meeting, you will then become an inactive member.   Please e-mail the office at info@unityfortlauderdale.org for questions regarding membership renewals.  
Board of Trustees
Nominating Ministry Team
A Nominating Ministry Team will be formed at least ninety (90) days prior to the annual membership meeting, for the purpose of doing a search for active members who desire to serve on the Board of Trustees. The Nominating Ministry Team will consist of four (4) members; the minister, who shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Nominating Ministry Team.

The Nominating Ministry Team will initiate and complete a search for qualified candidates to be presented at the annual meeting for election by the active membership to fill the existing vacant Board positions.

Application Board of Trustees
We honor and bless you for considering serving on our Unity of Fort Lauderdale Board of Trustees.  Please complete the following application, as well as read and review the Board of Trustees Responsibilities & Duties (Section 6.04*) & Qualifications (Section 6.08*) on pages 10 – 12 as set forth in our ByLaws.
Annual Meeting
The annual membership meeting shall be held at a location determined by the Board of Trustees at a time and date established by agreement between the Senior Minister and Board of Trustees, but no longer than thirteen (13) months from the last annual membership meeting.
Written notice stating the date, time, agenda and place of the annual meeting will be sent to all active members by email service at least ten (10) days in advance of the meeting and notice will be posted on the website and announced during the church service.

Our next Annual Meeting for our Unity of Fort Lauderdale Members is Sunday, March 10th, 2024.  

Questions about MEMBERSHIP?

Please reach out if you have questions.