Why Getting Away Is Important For My Soul by Diane Sammet

Last May Unity of Fort Lauderdale hosted a weekend retreat at the Duncan Center in Delray Beach. If there is only one word to describe that time, I would say “magical.” Why?

I spend a lot of time doing, doing, doing and squeeze in meditation, inner-work time between my normal daily duties. Weeks pass and I find myself extending more and more. Eventually I crack. Most people don’t see it happening, but internally I can feel my soul starving. It’s like the inner Diane is screaming, “Please pay attention to me.”

So last May I attended our weekend retreat and discovered incredible peace, nourishment and friendship. We burned our pasts in a roaring fire, we ate together, laughed together, sang together, experienced profound moments as we walked the labyrinth for World Labyrinth Day, brought ourselves back into alignment with sound healing, and spent time apart to listen and feel what our hearts had been trying to tell us all along.

Let me be specific, I love dogs, that is not new news. For the longest time I was trying to figure out how to take that love and do something with it for the good of others. Tons of suggestions from well-meaning people, start a blog, go to vet-tech school, foster rescues, etc. What I needed, was to get away, take time apart from my daily to-do list and just let my heart’s wisdom bubble up to the surface. At last year’s retreat that is what happened. During one of our exercises, it became clear that I was to volunteer at the Animal Shelter, the one that takes in the lost and stray pets, the animals that truly are at the worst times of their lives. Fast forward to today, I have been volunteering at the shelter since last summer, and the miracles of love and compassion I witness and am often a part of, feed my soul every week. I get to help the animals, yes, but I also get the blessed opportunity to practice “being present” with the people coming in, who are often emotional, confused and looking for hope.

So, Unity is having another retreat this May, and I would not miss it for anything in the world.
I hope to see you there. (You can register for the May 2018 Retreat by clicking here)