Gratitude Practice by Rev. Elizabeth Longo

Consciously practicing gratitude has radically transformed my life. I began this simple, but powerful, practice over 20 years ago. It has helped me shift from worry and fear, to hope and love. When I am in the space of being grateful my heart is open, my mind is clear, and all of a sudden, I can begin to see possibilities where before I couldn’t. I make room for grace. I remind myself that the goodness of God is always present and that there is a blessing in every situation, even if I am not able to see it in the moment. I focus on the good – and I know that what “I focus on expands.” Appreciating and being grateful for even the tiniest thing shifts my energy and opens my heart to love and the aliveness that is present in the moment.

I begin each day with a “thank you.” It helps me set the tone for the day. I keep a journal to remind me of my blessings. As I am falling asleep I give thanks for all the blessings of the day. When my energy feels low, when I am stressed, when confused, I take a moment to notice what is right in front of me that I can appreciate and be grateful for and life begins to reveal its wonder and beauty and, in an instant, I feel renewed, and my vibration is lifted.

Gratitude walks on the beach, or in a park, with my prayer partner expand my consciousness and lift up my Spirit to ever new heights in ever expanding love. We take turns speaking out loud what we are grateful for without much thought – just playful, joyous gratitude. This is probably my most profound powerful practice. After a few turns I feel connected with all of existence, in the zone, grounded, while totally free like the wind.