Sacred Service

What is Sacred Service?

When you serve sacredly, you are giving from your well of talent and time to help not only our spiritual community grow, BUT also to open your life to greater good and possibilities. We cannot out-give God. That means no matter what, when you give to God, he/she returns the favor exponentially. It is a law of the Universe, simple and direct.

Below are our current teams. More teams are formed as our ministry grows. If you have a desire to be a part of a team that is not listed here, then fill out the form below and a member of our Leadership will contact you.

Here is a list of available opportunities:

Ushers and Greeters, for the outgoing and friendly ones.

These folks are the "face" of Unity. Ushers meet and greet members and visitors, answering questions they may have. They make sure handouts are received and they organize the collection of love offerings. A ready smile and engaging presence is all that is required!

Hospitality, for the foodies.

Help facilitate congregational fellowship through pot-luck dinners, holiday parties and special events, and provide Sunday morning coffee and refreshments after service. Come see what's "cookin' in the kitchen", when we serve each other, we serve God.

Speakers, for the great voices.

The Sunday Service platform people welcome congregants along with affirming our Mission & Vision, communicating our announcements and blessing our children and offertory.

The Sunday Service readers present The Daily Word or a selection from sacred scripture chosen to offer insight and inspiration to the congregation. Then conclude with the welcoming and presentation of the prayer chest.


Projection/AV, for the techies or techie want-to-be in all of us.

Every service needs volunteers to review and project the PowerPoint slides. This team also works the sanctuary lighting to enhance each phase of service.


Prayer Chaplaincy, for devoted connections.

Prayer Chaplains hold spiritual space, listen from the heart, pray with others, and hold in confidence what is shared. There is special training provided and ongoing training sessions and monthly meetings.



Please fill out and submit this form to either ask for more information, volunteer, or suggest a new Sacred Service team.


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